Growing Sugar Apple in Florida is an excellent tropical tree for eating and landscaping purposes. Before you decide to grow your sugar apple in Florida here are 5 things you should know to grow your best tropical sugar apple tree.

Sugar Apples Trees Love Sunlight

When planting your sugar apple tree make sure to select a well-lit area that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight.

Sugar apple trees can also be grown in a pot moved to diffrent areas of the yard depending on where the sunlight hits best in your Florida yard.

Sugar apples grown in shaded areas might not grow as fast or produce as much fruit as those in direct sunlight.

Sugar Apple Trees Grow Excellent In A Pot

If you happen to not have enough space to plant in your yard or live in an apartment with a balcony – planting a sugar apple in a pot is an alternative in Florida.

Heres a video of me planting a sugar apple tree in a pot

Make sure to provide your trees with a nutrient mixture of compost and soil to ensure healthy growth.

Sugar Apple Fruit Can Sell For A Lot Of Money

In Florida, if you want to buy sugar apples at your local garden market be ready to spend a fortune. Sugar apples are a delicacy here in Florida and typically at your farmers market, they will go for about 6-10$ the fruit for a nice sized healthy one.

It is recommended to grow your own sugar apple tree in Florida as they grow very easily and can provide you with the delicious fruit.

Beware of purchasing cheaper sugar apples at your local market as they may have an awful taste on the inside. (From personal experience I’ve tried to save a few bucks by purchasing more of the less expensive not-so-pretty sugar apples over the healthier and costlier ones. In return I ended up buying a bag of expensive awful fruit)

Sugar Apples Thrive In Sandy Soils Of Florida

Sugar apples have adapted very well in Florida’s soils. Most of Florida has sandy soils and sugar apples prefer well-drained soil type.

If you are planting your sugar apple in an area where it has mucky soil – it may experience fast growth but often less fruit.

Sugar Apple Flowers Can Be Hand Pollinated

If you want to increase the overall yield of sugar apple fruit on your trees you should consider hand pollination of your flowers.

Artificial pollination of your sugar apple is recommended because the sugar apple flower rarely gets pollinated by insects and if by chance it does the fruit comes out irregularly shaped and the overall yield of the fruit may be low.

Here is a video of hand pollination of a sugar apple tree