Our Story

Hello! My name is Harley, Also known as Garden Florida. I grow Tropical Fruit and Edible Plants that are beyond healthy for you. Our fruit farm is located in Bradenton & Punta Gorda Florida. Here at Garden FL we love all fruits but have a specialty  in growing Annonas! Coming from Colombia fruit and farming has always been essential to my well being and being the healthiest version I can be. I want to share the fruits and plants that I benefit from and show the world that we can all live a healthy life with home grown fruits and plants.


I want to make Annonas recognized worldwide
Harley Tigreros (Garden Florida)
Tropical Fruit Farmer

Why Choose Our Plants

Fast Delivery

At Garden Florida we know how much you are expecting your plants from the moment you order. We always try to get your order shipped within 2 – 3 days of placing it.

Secure Payment

We use only verified and secured payment gateways on our online nursery. 

Plant Support

Have a question on how to grow your plants? We will do our best to provide proper advice on how to grow the healthiest plant possible.

Garden FL Nursery Team

Harley Tigreros
Tropical Fruit Farmer
Harley specializes in growing Annonas. He loves to eat fruit and garden all day.