Have you ever thought about profiting from your garden? Perhaps you should try growing some of Floridas most expensive and delicious tropical fruit in your backyard for some extra revenue.

While many tropical fruit can be found locally at your supermarket – there are many that are rare to find and can only be obtained either by growing your own or visiting your local flea market where most fruit venders bring they’re exotic, pricey fruit.

Your probably wondering, which fruit are the ones that generate the most income – read below to learn about them all 

#1 Sugar Apple

The sugar apple is a tropical fruit originating from Southeast Asia. This delicious fruit is often only found in local flea markets or fruit shops. Because of its difficulty to find in Florida and of its delicacy, these fruits often range from 7$ – 8$ the pound… making it a very profitable fruit to sell – considering how easy the tree is to grow in Florida.

Its harvesting season is mid summer through fall and blooms from March through June.

Sugar apple is a plant that will grow very fast in Florida and you will love the results when you do. We reccomend buying your very own sugar apple plant here.

#2 Longan

Longan is a soft- chewy, sweet fruit originally from southern China. This fruit grows in clusters from the longan tree. This fruit tree can be grown in Floridas subtropical climates and also yield a cash crop. Just like the sugar apple, you won’t be finding this fruit at your local Walmart – instead we recommend trying your local flea market.  Longan often goes for 5-6$ a pound with the fruit still attached to the stem – and around 2-3$ a pound for the fruit alone.

#3 Lychee

Lychee is sweet, soft, gummy fruit originating from China. Lychee is a fruit that is also sought after in Florida for its taste and nutrition. Although Lychee is more commonly found in Florida it is still a crop that is very costly due to its sweet taste various uses. Lychee is a tropical fruit that grows excellent in South Floridas weather and can be quite the cash crop. Typically lychee will cost anywhere from 3$ – 4$ lbs. Lychess are a excellent fruit to grow due to its high yield and delicious taste – everybody wants them when they are in season.

#4 Dragon Fruit Pitaya

Dragon Fruit or Pitaya originates from Southern Mexico and Central America. This cactus crop grow excellent in Florida and can also bear many tasty expensive fruit. Typically Dragon Fruit will cost anywhere from 5$ – 6$ per lb. Dragon Fruit will produce fruit every 12-18 months, providing 20-60 Pounds of fruit per plant.

Order your own dragon fruit plant and start growing here!

#5 Jack Fruit

 The jack fruit is a fruit that grows very abundantly in South Florida, Out of all of the fruits listed it is probably one of the hardest fruits to grow – but more costly as-well. Due to its size, taste, sweetness and overall appearance this fruit is sought after by many Floridians. This fruit can cost anywhere from 5$ – 8$ a pound making it a very profitable fruit to grow. It may take up to 3 – 4 years for a jackfruit tree to start producing fruit and can live up to 100 years – providing you a cash crop all your life.