Our tropical life

Hello! I’m Harley, a tropical fruit lover and plant grower. Welcome to Garden Florida! I’m on a mission to spread my love and knowledge about exotic tropical fruits all around the globe. My favorite fruits are durian and sugar apple.

I grow many tropical fruit trees from around the world in the sunny state of Florida and offer them here on my website. All the plants I’ve sowed myself in Bradenton, Florida zone 9B.

Thank you for supporting my business, and I hope you get to experience the beautiful feeling of growing and tasting your homegrown tropical fruits.

My Story


Fruits have always been a part of my life. Ever since I can remember, I have been eating all sorts of tropical fruits from birth.

My story began even before I was born. My parents are both from Colombia and have eaten tropical fruits all their lives. Colombia is rich in tropical fruits, and I naturally craved them when I came along.

Growing up in Florida, tropical fruits were hard to find at first. I had no idea that I was able to grow fruits such as sugar apples, atemoya, mangos, and more.

About three years ago, I started finding delicious exotic fruits and tropical fruit trees at my local market. From there, I fell in love.

What I love most is all the different varieties of fruits and cultivars. It’s like an endless collecting game that gives you a sweet reward that’s healthy for your body.

I was amazed by this secret of tropical fruits grown here in Florida and did not know it was possible to do so!

I was inspired to plant the seeds of the tropical fruits I ate to spread to my friends and family.

I hope to encourage them to plant and grow their food and discover the endless benefits of eating tropical fruits.

I am on a mission to spread the knowledge and deliciousness of tropical fruits and how to grow them.

Thanks for all the support, Happy growing!

My favorite fruits are Durian, Sugar apples and Atemoyas!
Harley Tigreros
Founder, Owner