Growing Mulberry In Florida

Are you considering growing a berry in your yard but are stuck on which one? Look no further – Mulberry is the berry that your garden needs.

Mulberry is a delicious fruiting tree that produces blackberries that are sweet tasting to the pallete. The mulberry is part of the Moraceae plant family, which is also family to the tasty jackfruit, fig, and breadfruit – no wonder why this fruit is delicious!

Where Should I Plant My Mulberry Tree?

If you are planning on growing this fruit tree in Florida, make sure to select an area where it will receive plenty of sunlight. Although the mulberry plant is also found growing in the wild under the shade of taller trees – so ideally it could still grow in part shade as well.

A tip for home gardeners growing Mulberry is taking into account that when the berry falls off when ripe it can stain your driveways, sidewalks, concrete, etc. It is better to plant this plant away from those to decrease staining.

You can order the Mulberry plant perfect for your garden or patio here. Mulberry can grow well in the hardy zones 7-9 or even indoors with sufficient lighting and heat.

Challenges of growing mulberry

What Type Of Soils Do Mulberry Like?

Mulberry trees prefer deep, moist soils. Mulberry can also grow well in native soils well and can be found often growing under the shade of larger trees.

The Types of Mulberry Available

There are 150 varieties of Mulberry but only 10 of them are grown in popularity for use in the garden. Two varieties are widely grown across the United States and Florida which are the Red/Black Mulberry (Morus Ruba) and the White Mulberry (Morus Alba)

How Does Mulberry Grow?

Mulberry is a tree that grows very fast, throughout the spring and late summer you will notice plenty of new growth and also berries with fruit will be harvestable. The berry will start off green, then turn into a bright red, then finally it will ripe to a black color – looking just like a skinny blackberry.

In a typical Floridan garden, it is recommended to look for the black variety mulberry (Morus nigra) as it fits the Florida garden well considering its mature size. These mulberry plants also tend to have a bush-like formation.

You should prune your mulberry to keep the desired shape, if not the mulberry tree can grow up to be 30 to 70 feet high depending on the species. The mulberry tends to spread its branches to form a crown.

Can I grow Mulberry in a pot?

Mulberry grows excellent in a pot too, just make sure to provide it adequate drainage as they like that. Growing mulberry in a pot allows you to move it and keep it to a chosen size.

It is recommended to add soil amendments to your pot such as compost to give your mulberry plant the nutrition it needs to thrive in a planter.

Make sure to be careful transplanting mulberry from pot to pot or from planter to ground. Mulberries transplant fairly easy – your plant might look stressed once transplanted but with enough water days following the transplant, your mulberry should be fine.

What is Mulberry used for?

According to the University of Florida, The Mulberry has been used in early human civilizations as early as the 1500s. Native Americans would store these berries and preserve them for use in jams and dyes as they produced an abundance in nature. In today’s society Mulberries are used for jams, pies, jellies, marmalades, icecreams, and juices. Mulberry tree wood is sometimes used in the production of fence posts as well.

Are Dogs And Cats Allowed To Eat Mulberries?

Dogs and cats can consume mulberries if they like, although highly unlikely they will enjoy the taste. Although you might find other outdoor animals sharing your mulberry plant with you such as raccoons, rats, birds, and insects.

Are Mulberries Safe For Children To Eat?

Mulberries are safe for everyone to eat – just make sure that they are fully ripened to avoid any bitterness. Also before you consume any of your fruit harvests it is highly advised to wash your produce thoroughly to make sure any insects or outdoor material has washed off.

Make sure to supervise your children eating Mulberries as they are small and can prove to be a choking hazard if not chewed properly.

Does the Mulberry Tree Grow Fast?

Yes, the Mulberry tree is a very fast-growing tree. In Florida, we notice a growth on our Mulberries all year (slowed during winter). If you plant a mulberry plant make sure to keep this in mind to make sure it gets the best planting spot it can receive.