Why You Need to Protect Your Seedlings From The Cold

In Florida, cold weather can be a problem when it comes to growing your favorite seeds. Taking the proper steps is important to help maintain the propagation of seeds

Here are some steps you can follow below to ensure your seeds get the best protection from Floridas cold weather

Create a mini-greenhouse for your seeds

This method is very effective towards seedlings, covering up your seedlings with a material that allows sunlight to penetrate but providing a covered solution not only protects against harsh cold winds but also from pests that might like to munch on the baby leaves of your seeds.

We recommend a plastic cover that both works to allow sunlight through and block cold winds such as this product here

Add A Heating Source

Introducing a heating source such as a seedling heating pad (one such as this one here) can speed up the propagation process as well as protect them during the colder months in Florida. It is generally not recommended to start propagation of seeds during the colder months but it certainly can still be done – although there will be more of a risk of seedlings dying due to the cold. Adding a heating element and growing them indoors can increase success rates dramatically.

We recommend adding a heating source to your seeds in Florida if you live in the northern parts such as Tallahassee Florida and in those regions.

Cut a water bottle in half

In the warmer Florida months, it is recommended to cut a plastic bottle in half and use it as a miniature greenhouse. During the day the water bottle will absorb the sunlight and release it during the night providing a warm-air to circulate your plant’s baby leaves.

Sugar apple seedling bottled

We recommend using a clear plastic bottle as it allows sunlight to penetrate the leaves while providing protection against harsh winds that might damage leaves.

Although this method can be cheap and effective, it does not do a good job against stronger winds and often blows over the bottle but a stronger solution where the plant can be strongly protected from wind and colder temperatures such as this one here.

Buy a Greenhouse for your Plants

Maybe its time to look for a perfect greenhouse for your plants. Greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes and finding the right one can be overwhelming, check out this article here to find affordable greenhouses that you will love.


Overall protecting your seedlings from Floridas cold weather is necessary. Although in Florida temperatures usually are ideal to grow just about any tropical fruit – often times we can face harsh cold temperatures that can hurt your crop! Its always better to stay safer than sorry – especially when growing your favorite tropical fruit.

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