Why You Need A Coconut Palm Tree In Florida

Growing a coconut tree in Florida can be quite the reward. There is nothing like drinking the water from a sweet coconut on a hot summer day after working in the yard. Luckily Florida is one of the best places to grow coconut, this is why you need a coconut tree in your Florida home yard.

The fruit

There is nothing like the coconut fruit, this part is edible and is usually the first thing that people think of. Coconuts may be eaten raw or cooked, they are packed with a number of antioxidants vitamins and minerals that are essential to staying healthy.

In Florida, coconuts can cost 1$ – 3$ depending on the size and where you purchase them. We recommend visiting your local flea market in your area as some of the best ones are sold in markets such as that.

coconut sprout in sunset tropical beach

The Plant

In Florida, the dwarf coconut also known as Green Malayan or Dwarf Malayan palms – is a commonly sought after palm. These palms are able to start producing fruit after reaching 2-3 feet of grey wood – this is about half the size of the typical Maypan coconut palm which produces fruit at a much larger state.

These palms are also self-pruning meaning maintenance is to a minimum. Once the plant is established they are known to be able to endure extreme drought and high saline conditions. Make sure your palm receives regular salt-spray solution as well as regular water cycles to ensure salt has been distributed.

The water

Close up of beautiful female hands holding orange coconut

The water of coconut fruit is delicious. In Thailand is referred to as ‘Heavens Water’ as the water is so tasty and heavenly. Typically the water of a younger green coconut is much sweeter and tender tasting.

The Shell

The shell of coconut has various uses. As an avid gardener, you could even use these as pots to grow some of your favorite plants!

Healthy blackberries smoothie in coconut shell. Top view

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